Professional Industrial
Wiping Supplies

Wiping, Cleaning and Polishing for the Industrial
and Automotive sectors.

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We offer top-quality products with expert advice in the areas of Wiping, Cleaning, and Polishing for both the Industrial and Automotive sectors.

Our team works closely with suppliers to supply performance and cost-effectiveness of all your wiping, cleaning, and polishing needs.

We specialise in both traditional and non-woven wiping products, making us your go-to one-stop-shop for all your wiping requirements.

Why choose
All Clean Industrial Supplies?

All Clean Industrial Supplies has been a trusted name in the cleaning industry since 1980. 

We are a small but well-established company located in Nottinghamshire, committed to providing exceptional service to all our customers.

At All Clean, we take pride in our loyalty and dedication to meeting the unique needs of each customer. Our specialty lies in offering a wide range of high-quality cleaning cloths, including general workshop rags, cotton polishing cloths, panel whips, and many more.

We source all our products from recycled materials, which not only helps the environment but also ensures the highest quality of our products.


  Manufacturing Industries
  Automotive Industry
  Printing & Workshop Use
  Food Production
  Painting & Decorating
  Powder Coating Industry
  Disaster Recovery Sector
  Window Manufacturers

Best rags at the best prices. Used for 5years
– Chris Tye

Recycled Textile Wipes

All of our cloths come from used clean laundry which is kinder to the environment than using new wipes. Each pack of cloths is checked by hand to ensure no waste and highest level of quality.

Regular Delivery

We will personally deliver new cloths to your business every 4 weeks or as and when required.          

No Contract

We don’t believe in tying you in to lengthy contacts. Our goal is to supply you with clothes as and when you need them.

Free samples

If you’re considering using our services we are happy to send you free samples to see for yourself.

Don’t take our word for it!

Fantastic Company!

From using All Clean Industrial Supplies for the past year/18 months. We must say the quality of product supplied has been nothing but the best. Jed & the Team at All Clean are always on hand if we ever have a shortage of cleaning supplies.